Being trained in marriage and family therapy equips me with the skills to work with individuals, couples, and families. While there are other trained mental health professionals who can provide excellent therapy, such as clinical psychologists, licensed professional clinical counselors (LPCC), and social workers (MSW), those of us who have been trained in marriage and family therapy focus on how the relational dynamics present in families impact the individuals. I also work from a client-centered perspective, which means that I think you have the ability and the capacity for positive growth. I know changes that other people have made that have helped them, but the best opportunities for growth are going to come from you, because you are unique and are the one who knows you the best. You set the destination and we work together to find the path that works best for you.

I love working with many different types of people, but the following are groups that I feel particularly connected to.


Parents with difficult teens

Teenagers are in a unique time in their development. They are not children, yet they are also not adults. Teens are discovering who they are apart from their parents, their unique identity that they can call their own. Yet in that process of growing apart from parents they are still in need of guidance, support, and love from those very same parents they are pushing away. It can be a difficult time with a lot of conflict. Are you feeling frustrated, lost, or unsure? Are you losing touch with your child? Let’s talk. I want this time in your family’s life to be a time of growth and new possibilities.



In a culture where men are often expected to be strong, have it all together, and have all the answers and the fixes, we often don’t have a place to turn when we feel weak, when we mess up, or when we can’t control the anger or pain that is in us. Young or old, if you seek a safe place to work through challenges, difficulties, identity, or how you can grow, feel free to contact me. Often the strongest, bravest thing to do is to reach out for help.